HR Compliance

Employees are usually a business’s biggest asset. Conversely, those same employees are also the biggest risk.  These risks are rapidly increasing and evolving, and what were once considered minor problems are now potentially disastrous for businesses. At the Chittenden Group, we understand that good HR is good risk management which is why we offer HR Compliance and Support.

Whether it is discrimination, employee relations, performance management, State and regional laws, safety and OSHA, substance abuse or COVID 19 questions, our HR Compliance and Support services will ensure that you are able to navigate the HR arena.


  • Real answers from Real Experts
  • Train your staff too
  • A Living Handbook
  • Content you can rely on
  • A team of Attorneys
  • Tools, Forms and Templates

With Chittenden Group’s HR Compliance and Support, we help businesses manage risk before, during and after it is exposed.

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