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Do you picture yourself owning a new home, starting a business, or retiring comfortably? These are a few of the financial goals that may be important to you, and each comes with a price tag attached.

That’s where The Chittenden Group Financial Services team comes in handy. We help guide you through the process of working toward those financial goals.  We help you target your goals by evaluating your entire financial picture, then outline strategies that are tailored to your individual needs and available resources.

We work to create a comprehensive financial plan that will serve as the framework for organizing the pieces of your financial picture.  With a plan in place, you’ll be better able to focus on your goals and understand with it will take to reach them

Call on our Financial Service Team today at (203) 723-7447, and allow your money to work toward achieving your goals.

Commonly asked questions regarding financial planning:

  • What if I am too busy?
    • A common error is that people wait until they are in the midst of a financial crisis to begin planning. The sooner you begin, the more option you may have.
  • Is the financial planning process complicated?
    • Each financial plan is tailored to the needs of the individual, so how complicated the process will depend upon your individual circumstances. No matter what type of help you need, The Chittenden Group Financial Services team will work hard to make the process ase asy as p[possible, and will gladly answer of your question.
  • What if my spouse and I disagree?
    • We are trained to listen to your concerns, identify and underlying issues, and help you find common ground.
  • Can I still control my own finances?
    • Our experts will make recommendations, not decisions.  You retain control over your finances .  Recommendations will be based upon you needs, values, goals, and time frames.  You decide which recommendations to follow, then work with us to implement them.

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