Demystifying Workers’ Compensation – Insights from the Pros

September 28, 2023 from 8am to 10:30am with FREE breakfast

Country Club of Waterbury
1 Oronoke Road
Waterbury, CT

Demystifying Workers’ Compensation – Insights from the Pros Seminar is a comprehensive educational event designed for employers, safety managers and HR professionals to gain valuable insights into preventing and managing workers’ compensation claims effectively. The seminar features a panel of expert speakers who specializes in workers’ compensation and provide in-depth knowledge on various critical topics.

  1. Claims Management: Our panel of experts will delve into the intricacies of handling workers’ compensation claims. Attendees will learn about the importance of prompt reporting, documentation, and communication throughout the claims process. Strategies for minimizing costs and mitigating fraudulent claims will also be discussed.
  2. Return to Work Programs: Creating effective return-to-work programs is essential for both employees and employers. The seminar will cover best practices in designing transitional work arrangements, accommodating injured workers, and facilitating a smooth transition back to their regular duties.
  3. Attending Hearings: Employers often find themselves in hearings related to workers’ compensation disputes. These experts will provide guidance on preparing for and participating in these hearings, ensuring that employers are well-equipped to present their case and protect their interests.
  4. Your Rights as an Employer: The seminar will focus on understanding the rights and responsibilities of employers under workers’ compensation laws. Attendees will learn about their obligations in providing a safe work environment, complying with reporting requirements, and working within the legal framework of workers’ compensation.

Overall, this Demystifying Workers’ Compensation – Insights from the Pros Seminar aims to empower employers with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage workers’ compensation claims, foster a safe and productive work environment, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Participants will leave the seminar equipped with valuable insights that can lead to better claim outcomes, reduced costs, and improved workplace well-being.

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