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When my insurance company was not meeting my expectations, I knew it was time to make a change. That’s when I was introduced to Terry Barber at the Chittenden Group. The products and services Chittenden offers are superior to the other agents I have used in the past.   For me the two most important considerations are to offer and support quality products from top rated companies, and fast response to questions or concerns that come up from time to time. I give Chittenden an A+ on both. On an annual basis I meet with my agent to evaluate my insurance needs. The policy is updated, and then presented to the top rated companies in the industry. When the proposals are returned I have a second personal meeting with my agent to discuss which agreement best fits my needs. Really, how many times has an insurance agent gone to this length to ensure you and your business had proper coverage?

The Chittenden group has also provided me with Continuous Improvement resources ranging from HR best practices to work place safety and injury prevention counseling.   These resources range from sponsoring seminars to personal meetings with industry professionals, and all at no cost.

The bottom line is this, if you want an active partner to service your insurance needs, and take the stress out of dealing with unresponsive agents and lackluster service, the Chittenden group is my sincere recommendation.

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