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You can never really appreciate the quality of the agent you select to fill your insurance needs unless something goes wrong – then, and only then, do you get the true measure of the organization you have selected.

Chittenden Insurance has been taking care of my company’s insurance needs for more than seven years – property and casualty, medical and worker’s compensation – and we have always felt that our needs were understood and being addressed. However, thankfully, we did not have any need to test its response in a time of crisis…until this year.

One Friday morning in January, we had a problem with a critical piece of equipment – our process boiler – when it exploded and caught on fire. Without that boiler, we were unable to produce anything.

Even as the fire department was leaving, I was on the phone with Terry Barber asking him what we should do. Within minutes, Terry contacted and arranged for the services of a cleaning company and a boiler repair company. He even arrived on site to assess what our next steps should be within the hour – and we are in Torrington!

The boiler repair crew arrived shortly after noon and worked well into the night. The cleaning crew arrived the next morning and did a thorough cleaning on Saturday and Sunday.

By Monday morning at 10:00 am, we were back up and in operation having lost no more than one day of production.

I am sure that Terry might be a little embarrassed if I relate this, but I need to make the point about the quality of the service we received. Terry was actually leaving for a family vacation that weekend – yet, on Monday morning, while he was on vacation with his family, Terry called me to make sure that everything was proceeding as planned and that we were up and running again.

Terry followed up with the claims adjuster and in a few weeks, we received a check from our insurer to compensate us for the costs involved in dealing with this claim.

Clearly, that kind of service is above and beyond what one would expect from your company’s insurance agent, but that is what we got from Chittenden Insurance.

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