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The Summit Corporation of America has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Chittenden Insurance Group for over seven years. They handle our medical coverage for our employees as well as the Worker’s Compensation and General Liabilities packages.

While the medical insurance providers have reacted somewhat dramatically to potential industry changes in the years ahead based upon federal insurance reform, Chittenden has navigated us very well through these times. We have maintained first-rate coverage for our employees and their families, at pricing levels we can still afford with minimal employee contributions. We view this as a key competitive element in the hiring of qualified employees.

Chittenden has also played a key role in our Worker’s Compensation coverage, managing our membership in an Offshore Captive Insurance group. This unique relationship has proven to be one of the single most important strategic relationships that have benefited our company and contributed to our long-term success. The Chittenden Group has played an active role in improving our safety record, resulting in significant financial rebates returned to the company. Additionally, they have directly managed individual worker’s compensation cases, further minimizing our exposure in each instance.

Terry Barber and his team of professionals are truly experts in their respective fields, and are simply a pleasure to deal with. We strongly recommend the Chittenden Group to any person or company seeking any facet of insurance coverage.

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