These Are Our Reasons For Life Insurance..What Are Yours?

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Our agency employees explored reasons why THEY have life insurance:

  • because death is a part of life
  • because life/death happens when you are making plans for something else
  • peace of mind
  • I would feel like an irresponsible parent/spouse without it

Collene DeAngelis, Claims Manager at Chittenden Group

  • it’s smart and the right thing to do
  • it’s inexpensive
  • it’s the only insurance you WILL use
  • protection for loved ones

Pedro Pires, Vice President at Chittenden Group

  • to protect my family
  • less worry knowing my wife and children will be okay should something happen to me

Joseph Ferry Jr., Sr. Vice President at Chittenden Group

  • I have life insurance to protect my family financially if something untimely happens to me

Kris Stella, COO at Chittenden Group

  • If I am no longer in the picture I want to make sure my plans are completed. I want my family to live a comfortable life, I want my debts paid and I want my children educated.

Terry Barber, President at Chittenden Group

  • I use my whole life policy as both an investment tool as well as an investment tool. If I need cash in an emergency situation, my whole life policy is growing in cash value, plus I get the insurance benefit as well.

David Pires, Account Executive at Chittenden Group

What are some reasons why life insurance is important to you?

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Tips for Ice Dam Removal

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An ice dam can cause serious damage to your roof and the inside of your home! Follow some of these immediate action steps to prevent damage:

  • Remove snow from your roof after every storm. A good rule of thumb is if there is more than a foot of heavy, wet snow and ice on your roof you should try to have it removed.
  • Clear Downspots. This makes it possible for your gutters to drain when snow melts and it also helps prevent flooding.

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